Janci Templeman is a wife and mother of 2 young boys. She started her real estate journey in 2011 with buy and hold real estate and then eventually finding her love of flipping houses. She started coaching with Stefan in 2014 after completing a successful flip. But it wasn’t until training with Stefan where she learned the skills she needed to scale her business and take her real estate business to the next level. She was able to flip over 25 homes and do a number of wholesales and real estate transactions while she was raising a family. This made her become extremely good at building teams, delegation, integrating systems, negotiations and raising investor capital. She also has given her a very good reputation in her market of producing quality homes and someone who can help you with delicate real estate problems. She was then nominated by Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine in 2017 for the Rising Star award.

At this point in her career, she wants to take her knowledge and experience and share it with others. Just as Stefan would want his legacy to live on. She is excited to share what she has learned from her personal experiences and from Stefan so his legacy lives on.

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Michael Reimer is a husband and father of 5. He has been successfully investing in real estate and private businesses for the last 10 years in Winnipeg and surrounding areas. Since 2011, his real estate strategies include an excellent track record where he continues to create value with Joint Venture Partners in buy-fix-sell and buy-fix-hold strategies on single family and multifamily Properties.

Michael began his real estate investing career while he was a paramedic. He found that real estate was something he could do part time, while working as a paramedic. After executing a series of successful deals, he found that he was making just as much money in real estate as he was at his job. He decided it was MORE costly to keep his job than to go into real estate full time. Michael claims he didn’t really have a ton of pain in his life that was motivating him to get coaching. He had a good job, an amazing family, and relatively low stress. His motivation came from the fact that, deep down, he knew he was not reaching his potential. It was at this time he hired Stefan Aarnio to help him make the jump.

Michael was a previous graduate of Blackcard’s Platinum program back in 2016, having worked directly with Stefan Aarnio.

Shortly after, Michael joined the ranks of being a Certified Coach with Blackcard Elite Academy. When asked why he coaches, he simply says “To whom much is given, much is required. It’s about passing along the helping hand that allowed me to get started and helping others get started too.”

What makes Michael unique is his all-around approach to investing. He holds a portfolio of real estate AND businesses. Michael owns business in the area of contracting, construction, and waste management. He is a very well-rounded investor, capable of helping people achieve the lifestyle of creating active income through active strategies (buy, fix, sell) and buying companies, as well as wealth-building strategies such as building a rental portfolio.

Michael is a straight shooter. When asked what he would tell people who want to get into real estate, he simply says: “Don’t do it. You probably won’t succeed. Most people don’t. If you still want to try, find someone who is where you want to be and copy what they did.”

Obviously he only wants to work with people who are committed and who will never give up, not just say they won’t give up.

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Brian joined the Blackcard community as a Platinum student and was coached directly by Stefan Aarnio. Within 1 year of being in the Platinum program, Brian was named Yahoo Finance’s top real estate inventors in 2020. During his first month he closed on 3 deals and raised 1 million dollars in capital. Brian has been featured in multiple publications such as USA Today and the Frederick News Post for the success he has seen in real estate but also the value he brings to the communities he enters. If you want to scale your business in real estate, Brian is the coach for you. 

Brian is Blackcards primary coach for students that are in the USA. He resides in Maryland where he operates his property restoration business, American Flip House. Brian completed his first flip in 2012 after he came across a book that changed his perspective on real estate investing forever, Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad. Since then, he's been hooked.  

Beginning his career in real estate and feeling the growing pains, he quickly realized he needed to invest in himself to be successful and grow as an investor. 

Through coaching, Brian became educated in many real estate strategies. As each deal goes along, Brian is improving his systems, adapting to the market and exploring new arenas. Brian is a solutions guy, whatever exit strategy, and is able to adapt his project to the needs of potential buyers. 

Brian is now a Certified Coach with Blackcard. What sets him apart as a real estate investor is when he and his team enter a home in a community, they aren’t just looking at how it will benefit the business, rather they look for ways to move the community forward.

“I do not believe in getting rich on any one deal. True affluence is built over time through great partnerships and consistent and efficient deals.” Brian does this by taking the time to find and build the right team, using the Money People Deal model. 

Brian is passionate about living by example to show his students how to live on purpose. To build a business they are passionate about that also makes an impact on the community around them. Rebuilding small communities, one family home at a time. Brian has learned the systems, and is passionate about helping his students reach the same success.

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"I'm creating the school I wish I had"

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Well as the saying goes, it takes money to make money. So first things first, you need to raise some capital. And yes, raising capital is a skill. What other skills do you need if you want to make this Real Estate thing happen?

Sales and negotiation. Once you learn how to raise capital, sell and negotiate, you have all you need to be successful in Real Estate.

You’re not going to learn those skills by reading a book. You’re going to learn those skills through 1 on 1 help from a mentor and real-world application. That’s what the Blackcard Coaching is all about.



Wholesaling, flipping, buy & hold, new builds, commercial deals, business development, whatever you’re looking to accomplish, we have a coach that has done it and can show how you can find success.


Minimize failure and maximize success by working one-on-one with someone who has been where you are, who knows what you will have to do and what you will have to overcome in order to achieve your goals.


We all have specific needs in our life and our business, learn to identify your priorities so that you can focus on what’s really important and less time wasting energy. Your coach will guide you through all the key areas of business to remove failure from the equation.


This coaching is about YOU and YOUR vision. Our coaches will help you map out what you want out of business and life in order for you to achieve the life that you’ve always wanted, then they’ll help you create actionable steps to make your dreams a reality.

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